salt lick

One week post-wisdom teeth removal…

I have been advised to rinse my mouth with warm salt water after I eat…for about 6 weeks while the rascally holes heal.  6 weeks?  It’s only been one week and I’ve begun to not use any salt on my food.  I taste enough after I eat it.  Salt rinse.

Why can’t I rinse it with red Kool-Aid like Charlie Sheen? I’d have to follow it with a smoke and an interview by Barbara Walters.

Yes, Barbara…tiger’s blood, that’s what’s seeping from the holes in my mouth.  The rabbit holes in my mouth that lead to never-neverland.  A very merry un-birthday to you!  *puff*  *sip-a-the-kool-aid*  Ah, refreshing.  Gnarly sweater vest, Babs.

It’s been quite the challenge to eat things as well.  Same day as the wisdom left me, I had some more work done on both sides…so there’s really no decent place to chew food except with my front teeth.

Front teeth are not good mashers.  They are good at tearing…not mashing.  I had a bite of Lovely #2’s hamburger today and had a big wad of bun all in the front of my teeth, nibbling through it like a bunny through some carrots.  I feel and definitely look ridiculous.  I kind of feel like a farm animal, actually.

Maybe a deer.  Deer like salt licks, don’t they?

And they have Deer’s Blood!  That’s what they call Jagermeister up north…deer’s blood.  Sick.


2 thoughts on “salt lick

  1. I remember drinking a lot of my meals for a few weeks when I was in that boat. I also got really good at cutting food up and then just swallowing it hole.

    It was pretty cool.

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