It saddens me that people argue over things like healthcare and wages and different viewpoints.  I really don’t care what either side is about…the point is that they can’t even have conversations together.  No one listens to each other…no one even attempts to understand.

This especially saddens me when other tragic things happen….like earthquakes and tsunami’s.  How do all those petty things add up when life is in jeopardy?

What would happen if we all worked together?  Remember after Hurricane Katrina, everyone came together for one cause, for each other, for humans, for basic things….to live and breathe and have food and shelter.

How can we get our society to work at that level when we are not in crisis?

And we are in a crisis.  The earth is telling us something.  We ought to listen.

My thoughts go out to all on the West Coast, Hawaii, and Japan.  Be well.


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