to protest or not to protest…

So, I live in Wisconsin.  There is much political controversy here about, well, a lot of issues.  I am not going to discuss any of them here on this blog.  I know what I believe and I’m going to keep everyone’s respect by just keeping it to myself (for now).

I very much believe in standing up for what you feel is right…and that everyone should have the right to say their piece.

Now…if you choose to take a little time and head to Madison and make signs and protest these political views…please please please do NOT bring your babies!!  If I see another image of people strutting around with their strollers with a child ages 0-2 with a sign strapped to the top, well, I don’t know what I’m going to do about it.  I might write a blog about it!!!  Take that!!!!

It is still March after all, and March in Wisconsin can be just like January with slushy shit that falls from the sky and gusts of wind that feel like razor blades on your skin.  We might have a 40 degree day with sunshine, and the next day will be 12 with blizzard conditions.

These are not conditions to take your kids out to walk around and cheer for hours.  Really, I totally understand the reason for protest and I respect it.  It’s not that I’m arguing for or against the political point.  Just don’t take the little ones with you.  They don’t know anything about it.  All they know is they like juiceboxes and cupcakes.  They like sandboxes and singing.  They like happiness…not chanting and anger.  We should teach them a little bit from both sides so they can grow up educated and make their own choices.

Protest for your kids’ futures.  Don’t make them protest with you.  Please don’t use them as a prop to get your point across either.  For all we know, they may grow up to be on the other side of the political fence….sheesh, that would be an awkward Thanksgiving dinner. 

‘Mom, Dad…I can’t believe you used me as a political prop when I was a baby!  My life is ruined!!

If you can’t wrangle a sitter, you should probably be the designated sign maker and send them in your stead with those that can hold it with two hands instead of fandangling it to the handles of the stroller.

Please…Thank you!


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