I must apologize for all the tv/movie/commercial references lately…I really do not watch that much tv.  I think it’s why I notice the strangest things.  Maybe they seem normal to others, but this…this robostir…

well, just watch for yourself:

The orbital gyroscopic action is pretty impressive…no spot is unstirred or untouched!  For beans it’s the best! You can even submerge the whole thing!  Er…how do you get it out if you’re stirring scalding hot liquids?  Maybe a stir spoon?  I could also think of many other beneficial things for my ‘third hand‘ to do.

Are we really this busy and this lazy?  Do we really talk on our cell phones while stirring 3, count them, 3, boiling pots and pans at once?  Is it that hard to multi task when you cook?  Is stirring the one thing that we need help with?  I feel like chopping and marinating and prep work is worse than stirring.  I quite like stirring.

You get to see some action, you get to see what your saucy creation is turning into.  You get to see it thicken, you get to get a little exercise done on your arm.  Have we really come to a point where we need a robot to stir for us?  Doesn’t that take a little of the joy of cooking away?  Maybe to some cooking is not joyful…

I doubt that a little robostirrer would change their perspective on creating meals.  People that view cooking as a chore don’t cook.  Right?

It would make a great gag gift though.  Maybe I’ll get one for my mom…and husband…and friends.  I’ll stock up for the holidays!  I can get 2 for the price of 1, which is $10 (remember, they sell for $40 in Europe!!), and they’ll throw in 2 scoop ‘n strains too!



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