There’s this commercial for some new Suave Professional hair products on tv.  They claim that their cheap, synthetically made, chemical hair products work deceivingly well!!  As well as professional hair products!

They set up some actors and actresses (obviously, right?) to pose as hairdressers and make them use the products…get this…without the label.  That is so tricky, isn’t it?  Then the hairdressers use the products, see them work, fall in love with them, and then are shocked to find out that they are made by Suave!!

Perfect plot, right?  Kind of…

Here’s the kicker.  The tag line at the end of the commercial says Products That Really Work.


That isn’t good advertising.  Doesn’t it really say that maybe the products they had before didn’t work?  Or that they’re kind of surprised that they made some that work?  Imagine the scientists in the lab testing some gooey hair product, a robot arm gooping it into some wig…and then it does what they intended it to do and the scientist says:

Woah, it really works!  Who knew that would happen?

And then they slap it in a fancy, sleek-looking tube and sell it for a little bit more than basic Suave, but a little less than professional products so they can cash in on their deception.  Maybe they do actually work.  I don’t know.  I’m not going to be the one to buy it just because it smells good and the bottle says so.

Lots of bottles say lots of things.  It’s not like that Wash n Curl stuff from back in the day actually made your hair curly.  I wonder if they still sell that crap.  Probably for 2.99 at some sketchy beauty store.  But maybe when they were creating it, the same thing happened.  Someone in a lab just happened upon the formlula…and it really worked.  Holy shit!  It really works!

So…not saying anyone should or shouldn’t try it.  Just saying that because of that tagline alone, I would never want to.


One thought on “professional?

  1. that’s funny you talk about this commercial because it always makes me think the same thing! it doesn’t even look kind of real. but now johnny is so happy to know his $1.09 sauve clarifying shampoo really works! you see they said so!

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