My husband’s birthday was just over a week ago.  I made him a chocolate cake with delicious homemade buttercream frosting.  Lovely #1 helped to decorate it with more sprinkles than I knew we had.  From a distance, it looks like the frosting is colored…but it’s not.  It’s just solid sprinkle.

Anywho…everyone seems to have forgotten about this cake, except me.  I eat a piece every day.  The frosting has soaked into the cake and has left it still super moist and delicious even one week later.  I’ve also been obsessed with keeping it covered so that it doesn’t go bad so that I can have a piece every day!

I was finishing a rather large portion last night when my husband came home.  I told him I needed to keep eating the cake so that it would be gone and I wouldn’t eat it anymore.  He really just opened his eyes real wide, turned his head a little to the side and made one of those Oh, O-kaaaay faces.

What he really wants to say is, if you don’t want to eat the cake, then don’t eat the cake.  Get rid of it if you want it gone, don’t gorge yourself on it.  Jeez!

To which I would reply but I made it for you!

And he had one piece…and I’ve had like 12.  Some big, some small…some plain ol forkfuls!  I’d sneak them without the Lovelies seeing so that I wouldn’t have to share a whole piece with them.  Is that wrong?  They don’t need all that sugar.

I do.

We have this trouble with junk food in our house though.  I like it…a lot.  I try not to buy it.  My husband always buys it.  I always eat all of it.  When he goes to have some, it’s gone.  I’ve annihilated it!  He says I have no self control.  Do you see the trouble here?  He’s sabotaging me!  He knows I can’t resist.

My thought about it is if I eat it all in one or two days and it’s not around for the remaining 5-7, that’s good!  That’s 5-7 days that I’ve not eaten junk, right?  Although I’ve consumed a month’s worth in 36 hours.



2 thoughts on “cake

  1. yay! kate is back! oh how i’ve missed you and your blogs. i know you needed a break to recharge your battery, but it’s not to hear you voice again 🙂

    your stories are so well said i can picture exactly how they happened when you say them and i’m laughing with you! welcome back! now don’t leave me again!

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