this much is true

My students were quietly and intently working.  We’re talking, heads down, tips of their tongues over to the side with concentration kind of focus.  It was great, of course.  All teachers crave this.  And I had it.  The trouble was my brain was getting a little antsy…a little distracted.  We were listening to some background music.  They chose an 80’s genre station on pandora.  Cool.

On plays the song True by I don’t know who.  It reminded me of Steve Buscemi’s character singing in the Wedding Singer.  Please watch and listen…

So the part that really gets me is when he cries out True!

As I am taking a drink of water, this part of the song plays, and all that goes through my mind is me laughing because I’m thinking of this movie (the song, his teeth, the little mustache, his ruffly shirt.)  I imagine myself laughing so spontaneously that I spit water all over them while they are working so diligently.  I imagined myself laughing and trying to explain myself and explain why this unforeseeable event happened.  Of course, things of this nature can’t really be explained.

It was simply some strange connection in my brain that made me imagine myself spraying water all over the room.  A connection between the song, Steve Buscemi’s teeth, and the silence.  That, in itself, is funny.  Who can’t keep a straight face when some one laughs so hard they spit out their drinks?  I can’t.  At any rate, I imagined myself dripping with water and wiping my face, laughing hysterically and trying to explain myself.

They would look at me with confused, blank, drippy stares and would turn their attention back to their work.

*watch the video again…you will laugh more thinking of someone spitting out their water at the moment he sing the heartfelt true*


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