sloth, strawberry champagne and vacuuming

It’s a productive Wednesday night here at our castle.  The queen is on her throne watching Goonies…and the maid, the cinderella, is laboring over tiny little people laundry, sweeping enough crumbs to feed the world’s ant farms, vacuuming up particles ground into the carpet (methinks we need a darker color to camouflage all the new stainage), and flaking off crusted food from the royal china.

The queen, at the moment, is Lovely #2.  She has a slight obsession with the Goonies right now.  She is also both afraid and fascinated by Sloth.  She says he’s scary but also says that he’s nice.  It’s kind of how kids feel about Santa.  Scary, but nice…nice when you don’t have to sit on their laps and talk to them and get candy from them.  Scary when you do.

In celebration of this March madness, so to speak, I am enjoying some strawberry champagne out of my how to eat a lobster mug.  My knight in shining armor likes to pick up these alcoholic fancies for me from time to time.  He knows I like to indulge in a little evening tipsiness and will pick out interesting choices from time to time.  Very nice man, I know.

He also produces the most crumbs out of anyone I know.


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