It’s 9:00, fuzzy thoughts…

I’ve had a few drinks…what of it?  I turned 30 yesterday.  I can indulge if I please.  I’ve worked 7 days and will work another 6.  I am totally entitled to drinks.  The only stipulation is that we complete the evening by 9 so that I can sleep a good 9 hours.  Otherwise I will be a beast in the morning.  Or will I?

Sometimes staying up late and having drinks puts me in a great mood the next day.  Odd.  Very odd.  Maybe it’s from the laughter.  Lovelies #’s 1 and 2 both put on quite the amusing show shaking their little booties to pop songs.  Scandalous, really.  I don’t know where they learned these moves.  They are hysterical though.  Hysterical.

Arrg.  I’m a little drunk.  My brain is happy.  I’m going to go zone out to the news and learn even more about the weather.


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