Earlier in the month, we were part of the blizzard of 2011 through the midwest!!!  We received like 18 or 20 inches of snow or something…it left me stranded an extra day in Aspen (such a shame!).

So…now we’ve come to a bit of a warm spell.  We’ve had three or four days of consistent warm, sunny weather well above 40 degrees.  What happens when 2 feet of snow melt in like 2 days??

Squish.  That’s what happens.  There’s squishy in the backyard, front yard, even on the sidewalk it seems…and a little squishiness in our basement.  I can handle a little water in the basement.  I mean, most basements take on a little water now and again.  We can handle it.  Our basement’s not finished or anything…so it’s just water on cement.  Squishy, but not the end of the world.

The backyard.  Remember a little while back I talked about the Polly bombs?  Yeah, well at that point the ground was frozen and everything would’ve just scooped up in a little pile.  Now…it’s like poop soup back there.  The poor dog can’t even find a non-squishy place to do her business.  She pees on the cement.  Not kidding…like right outside the door.  Just squats.  She does have a spot she likes for #2’s…this is getting a little too graphic isn’t it?

Squishy.  I hate to say this, but I kind of hope it gets colder and all the swampiness that’s around right now can at least take a breather and let the ground catch up and do it’s thing.  Or…all the snow should melt and it should get super squishy and get it over with already.  Maybe all the squish at once would be better than squish, cold, squish, cold, squish, extra squish, snowstorm, cold, squish?


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