The Rev.

god wagon

how would you like to drive behind this guy?

Check out one of the local residents of my town.

Admittedly, a lot of work has got to go into this station wagon…covered in religious quotes, verses, damning evidence that we are all devil worshippers, and the like.

Notice the hot pink sex on the right hand side?  Notice the characters on the top of the car?  This is not just something you can hot glue together!

The best part is there’s an intercom that he can speak to you while he drives.  It’s like the ice cream man!  Only…there’s no ice cream, only bible verses.  Ice cream is a sin anyway!

I think the most impressive part of all this is that this station wagon, from season to season, changes.  One year there was a nativity-like glowing plastic character on the top, candles and all.  Another year just huge posters balanced on the top like a castle made of cards.  This year, you’ll notice the reverend up there.  That’s so new.

I can also never quite make out what he garbles through the intercom.  Sometimes there’s music too.  It’s really a strange sight.  It’s one that makes me feel right at home though.  It’s been some time since I caught sight of him.  He typically drives downtown….never have seen him venture into my neck of the woods.

Pleased.  Very pleased.


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