Polly loves Ginger

The dog is in love with the Lovelies’ stuffed animals.  Typically whichever they are most into and cannot be separated from…those are the ones she snatches.

She waits patiently for them to walk away or drop them, and then she swoops in and grabs them with her monstrous mouth and slimy jowels and gnaws on them for a while.  She tosses them in the air and tosses them around the room and then pounces on them like a great big cat.  She’s a great dane, and so everything she does is a little silly to watch.  Because she’s so huge and all.

Lately she’s been loving Lovely #1’s stuffed black dog with a cute little red ribbon.  The dog’s name is Ginger.  All I hear is running, squealing, pouncing and cries of Ginger!!  Gingeeeerrr!!!

Polly (the dog) must just love the smell of those Lovelies.  It’s got to be the only reason why she’s obsessed with their toys….and pillows.  She likes to snatch pillows right from all the beds.  Maybe it’s the shampoo smell…or the hair smell…or who knows.  Pillows and stuffed animals.  Strange.  It seems very normal to me that I would have a silly and strange dog, however.

Fitting…quite fitting.  Even though I’ve been less than silly as of late, I aspire to be silly all the time.  I despise seriousness.


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