best valentine’s gift…

I must say, the best lovey- dovey Valentine gift I received was a sparkling clean bathroom…to myself from myself.

I do have to thank the Method Tub + Tile Scrub. (I hope they send me some for free because of this plug!)  That shit’s amazing!  No bleach or harsh fumes, but it has some grit to it and with little effort (as much effort as I was willing to put in) it made my scum filled tub sparkle and shine!  There is just something about a clean smelling and looking bathroom.

No hair all over.  No beginnings of mildew.  No dust and lint around the sink.  No toothpaste dribbles.  No piss soaked toilet and floor around toilet (dudes really need a new system or something…I just can’t clean up pee anymore).  No streaks of soap dripping down from the soap holder in the shower.  No ring around the drain.

Just sparkles.  And clean and fresh scents!  I got to open the window for a little while too…again, something about being able to air out the house.  Even for 30 minutes.  A balmy 42 degrees here today.  I’ll take it over the -12 from last week.  I’ll take 42 in a heartbeat.  The 40’s and 50’s feel so frickin good in the springtime.  They feel awful at the end of summertime, however.

But we are approaching spring!!!  Spring.  I love spring.  And I am loving this clean bathroom.  I wish no one would use it for at least a week so it would stay nice and clean.


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