Valentine’s day must be difficult for kids to pronounce.

Both of the Lovelies say Valenstimes.  Maybe they should just change the name officially to Valenstimes anyways.  I mean, some adults say it that way.  No respect for the n.

On this lovely foggy overcast Valenstimes day, I will be cleaning the house and reorganizing everything that has been in disarray since I went out of town and while I was under the weather.  You blink and a week has gone by and you wonder how in the world all the laundry that you washed and had neatly in baskets ended up out of the baskets on the floor…no respect, I tell you.  Now it’s just more work for me.  Happy Valenstimes!!

I just can’t celebrate a holiday with a messy house.  I just can’t.  It’s a sickness.

I may begin drinking around noon today also.  If you’re interested, come on by.  We’ll be having beers and vacuuming.

‘Dear Valenstime, won’t you drink beers and vacuum with me?’


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