drinking helps

I hate to say it, but drinking usually makes me feel better when I’m a little down.  I know it’s temporary…and it actually a ‘depressant.’  Boo on those people that say that.

I laugh so much when I have a few cocktails.  Really, sometimes, there’s nothing better.  Nothing more I need than a stiff drink or a few beers.  Loosen up!  Wine in a mug!  Bloody Mary!  Margarita!  Summer Shandy!  Even a Coors or a High Life will do.  Just to get that silly buzzed feeling that makes you wanna giggle.

I really have needed some giggles since I got home from my trip.  Life’s been too much since I came home…and it’s only been a week!  Shit.

Giggles are in order…which means drinking is in order.  Boo on that.


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