sweet pups


Krablooknik Kennels...they love those pups

My second full day in Aspen/Snowmass, my great friend planned for us to go dog sledding together.  What a trip!  Our run was scheduled at 9 am, it was cold…about 10 degrees, it was calm and snowy.  A beautiful crisp day.

We pulled up to Krabloonik’s.  We could hear the dogs barking and the snow was falling…it was perfect.  It was surreal.  We walked down the stairs to the cabin…


down the untouched snow on the stairs

Inside they had just started a fire and the smoke was billowing through the restaurant.  It smelled like my mom’s house.  She has a wood stove that heats her whole house.  The smell of the fire was comfort.

We were greeted warmly by Priscilla.  Not the king’s Priscilla, but a bubbly middle-aged blonde.  She brought us upstairs where we had to watch a safety video.

Before the safety video, however, was a story about a blind dog whose love of dog sledding and running had us in tears and even more excited to meet the dogs and go on our journey.

The safety video basically said that we might tip over, we shouldn’t talk to the dogs, we shouldn’t pet the dogs, we shouldn’t look at the dogs…because they need to be disciplined and obey their musher.  The musher is the driver.  We were a little intimidated as the video said that if the dogs are sassy, they get a little smack with a rolled up newspaper.  Um…ok, video, whatever you say.

Then we had to sign a release saying we would not sue the place if anything bad happened.  Very comforting indeed!  We signed happily.

The ride was scheduled to run about an hour and a half.

We finally got to go out and meet our musher and the dogs.  Our musher’s name was Luke.  He’s a rookie.  This is his first season mushing, and since it was our first time being mushed…we didn’t mind his inexperience.  It’s not like they’d send out someone totally unqualified, right?  We got settled in the sled and set out on our journey.

It was amazing!  We couldn’t take pictures as we rode in the sled, but we stopped at the halfway point to take some photos and stretch our legs.  Luke asked us if we saw the video…and said the part about not interacting with the dogs was baloney, we should love the heck out of them.  They love attention.  We were so glad!


beautiful sled dogs. they truly love their job!

Who could resist those faces?  The brown and white dog is Bella.  I can’t remember the reddish-brown dog’s name.  They were all a little shy but so sweet.  They really love running and love to pull the sled and be together.  They have great lives and are treated with so much care and respect.  It was so cute when our sled left the cabin, all the other dogs howled and barked because they wanted to go…they wanted to run and work and pull the sled and get out in the snow.


when we'd pause they'd bury their faces in the snow

We also learned a lot about the dogs, the area, the land and habitat, dog sledding, and our musher and the owner of Krabloonik.

It was truly amazing.  I think the best part was loving up the dogs at the very end because all the other dogs greet them back and they’re so excited to see everyone.  There were also a bunch of puppies out running around the whole yard.  Playful little things.  It was just amazing.  The views of the mountains and the land that we got to see was unlike anything you can see from the man-made roads.  I highly recommend it.

After the ride, we warmed up with cider by the fire and had a surprisingly elaborate three course meal!  Who knew!  Unforgettable.  I loved it.  It’s really a very indescribable experience.  Hopefully you love the pictures of the pups.  They’re so sweet and gorgeous and full of personality.


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