dear insurance company…

Dear Insurance,

Is it possible to only have to call one person?  I finally spoke to the most helpful insurance rep today.  I only ever want to talk to her.  I don’t want to call the nation-wide help line and be on hold and listen to the awful musak.  I only want to talk to Sarah in regards to insurance for as long as I own a car.

Thank you, Kate

To only have to ever talk to one person several times instead of 5-6 people one time each, each having to tell all the same things over and over again.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so very thankful to have insurance.  Really, very thankful.  Thank you, bank, for making me have full coverage.  Health insurance?  Not totally sold on that yet, but car insurance.  Car insurance is a must.  Is it a run a round of phone calls and emails and statements and what not?  Yes.  Will I have to pay thousands of dollars to fix my car?  No.


snowplow + car = shit.

Late last week my husband was driving my car and had a little  mis-hap with a snow plow.  A snow plow!!  Fuck!!!  Thank goodness he didn’t get hurt, not even a scratch.  Lucky pup.  A little faster or a little different angle and it could’ve ended much worse than just mangling the front of my cute car.  So I am more thankful for that than I am insurance.  I am thankful I still have a husband in one piece, that’s for sure.

Thank you Insurance.

I also love Jenny at the Enterprise car rental company.  She is the only person that I want to talk to in regards to renting a car.  Ever.  Only Jenny.  No one else.

These things should be like doctors and hairdressers…you get to choose who you give your services to.  You get to choose who you want to have conversations with, because you click.  You choose because you now trust them.  They have a good tone of voice.  I actually told a guy I was hanging up on him because I couldn’t really hear him and understand him and in a split second I decided I didn’t want to do business with his company.

I said, I’m sorry, I have to hang up on you.  I did.  Really.  And then I called and talked to Jenny.  And then I called Sarah and told her that I talked to Jenny and asked her every possible insurance question because my mind is racing a mile a minute and I want to know how all this will pan out…and I won’t until tomorrow or the next day at the earliest.  Shit.


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