My love affair with Aspen

Go to Aspen.


when the sky is clear, they call it a bluebird day

If you’ve never been to Colorado or never seen mountains, you must go.  You must!  It just isn’t enough to see the pictures, it isn’t enough to hear about it, everyone should have to go to truly respect this planet we live on.  To really understand just how beautiful it is, as it is.  We humans cannot create anything as beautiful as the snow covered mountains.

The other awe inspiring part of Aspen in the wintertime…is everyone is totally equal.  Everyone is there for the fun, for skiing, for snowboarding, for a little vacation or to work or play.  Everyone wears the same thing: snow gear.  You can’t tell who is rich and who isn’t.  It’s the best way to vacation.  There really are little stereotypes because (as my friend I went to visit informed me) everyone wears jeans, Ugg boots, and stocking hats.

Of course, in downtown Aspen, there are fancy shops.  There’s Burberry and Prada and Gucci and Louis Vuitton.


um...we didn't even dare step foot inside for fear of pretty woman syndrome

The whole town is adorable.  The sidewalks on the base of the mountain are heated to melt the snow and ice for safety.  The bus system is totally free from one mountain to the next.  It is clean, friendly, and the service is impeccable.  How can anyone be in a bad mood when you look outside and see this:


looking up Aspen Mountain

or this:


view from downtown aspen as the snow cleared

I am jealous of the people who live there.  I am jealous!  I realize that I live blocks…blocks…from one of the great lakes and it is beautiful, it is, but the mountains are to. die. for.  Of course, the cost of living is far different from my good old Wisconsin town.  The elevation got to me too.  But how couldn’t it?  Every moment was breathtaking.  I loved it.  I can’t wait to go back someday.  I can’t wait to take Lovely #1 and my dad.  They will love it…and appreciate its beauty.


i only saw the peak of snowmass mountain from the airport on my way home

Just go already.  You have to.  GO!  Stash away about $1000 and go…I ran out of money on my second day.  So save up and do it right!


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