I want a really good camera

Don’t you want a really good camera?  One that takes awesome pictures in the shittiest conditions?  I have a decent enough little digital camera…but with the endeavors that I see in front of me, I’m going to need something more substantial and well, cooler.

I have a background in art, yeah, but not in photography or cameras!  It can be really intimidating.  I mean, I was the only person in my digital imaging class in college that took notes on Photoshop.  I think everyone else just knew how to do everything.  I am a little out of my league there.  I really also like shitty images too.  But there’s a significant difference in shitty pictures taken with a shitty camera versus shitty pictures taken with a camera worth thousands of dollars.

I’m a little photo naive.  I again, admit, I am intimidated.  Is it just in the editing?  Who wants to edit all that?  Wouldn’t it be nice if it just turned out awesome the very first time?  Perfect light, perfect composition, perfect skin, perfect colors….does this ever happen?  Photographers out there???

I just feel like my little canon always takes blurry shots.  Maybe I’m just a-shakey-shakey-shakey.  But I’ve seen some pretty damn good photos taken with an iphone.  Haven’t you?  I don’t have one of those either.  Nor do I really want one.  I kind of like my old (only not that old) flip phone.  No touch screen here, folks.

Eh…wishful thinking.


5 thoughts on “I want a really good camera

  1. I used to think it was my camera that was faulty. Every picture I took was blurred or ever so slightly out of focus so that even though it looked ok on the screen when I got it to print out or on the computer screen it would look rubbish. But then my daughter started to use it and she has taken some pictures that are so sharp and clear they look professionally done. Tut. I’ve been bested by a 17yr old and she won’t tell me how!!

  2. Study your own camera. Find its manual if you can and/or look up advice on different forums. Also, nowadays editing is a vital part of almost any photo. Experimenting really is the best way to go. 🙂

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