I made it a month…11 more to go

This whole Post a day challenge is pretty brutal.  I’m glad I made it at least a month.  I can’t say for certain if I can make the whole year.  No promises.  I do like the prompts they send out to get you thinking about what to write.  Do I ever follow them?  Nah.

I might start.  I gather I’ll have to.  I mean, I can only write about silly life shit for so long…and then it’ll have to get deep.  I’ll have to dive into the inner workings of my creepy little mind and see what kind of shit I can fish out.

I’m not one to take any easy route though.  Looking back on my life, I go the hard way a lot.  I am getting pretty tired of it.  I should take the easy way, right?  Just push on that big red easy button!!  Shit.  No matter how much I try to make things easier on myself, I always seem to make them harder in some round-a-bout way.

World, why is this?  Why do I need to learn so many lessons of life?  What am I being prepared for?  It’s not like I’ll remember all these things in my next life…or will I?

Ah, questions and mysteries of the universe…


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