Polly bombs

I was walking down the stairs the other morning and glanced out the window into the backyard.  In the backyard I saw the dog bounding through the snow, tramping in her snow circles and gallivanting about.


party pooper

The other thing that I noticed is just how many of her #2 bombs are actually out there.  Since the snow has commenced, it’s been a challenge to get out there and clean up the business, if you know what I mean.  This would make many weeks of layers of snow, poop, snow, poop, ice, poop…I can’t imagine what will be there when the snow melts and the yard thaws.

Will there be any grass left?  Will it look like a big dirt heap?  And by dirt, I mean logs-o-dog-shit.

I suppose I will have to invest in a mighty big shovel and some mighty tall rubber boots that can be hosed down.  On the other hand, the grass should be well fertilized and super green next summer!


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