Hey Hey Hey…it’s the first of Feb(ruary)

There really is nothing cool about February.  No, wait, I take that back.  I must look on the bright side here…

28 days, which means 4 even weeks.  Easy.  No odd 31 days or wondering if it’s a 30 or 31 day month.


made with love by Lovely #1

Valentine’s day.  I know, I know.  I’ve always kind of liked Valentine’s day, or as the Lovelies would say valentimes day.  There is just something fantastic about pink and red sparkly cards and little candies with nice messages on them.  If you disagree, you’re a douche.

Groundhog’s day!  Even if you don’t care about the groundhog or how much more winter there is, you can indulge in a little Bill Murray hilarity!

Black History Month.  I feel like this is a little silly…because it’s only a month long.  This should be a year round thing, don’t you think?  Why only a month?  Who comes up with this stuff?

Um…my birthday.  My birthday is in the month of Feb.  I will not say which day.  I do not like all the attention and what not.  Please, refrain from acknowledging that it exists.  Thank you.  I like it to come and go quietly.

The spelling!!!  February!  Who can ever forget it?  That silly little fucking r.

Leap day.  How cool would it be to be born on a leap year and be able to say that you’re 5 when you’re really 20 or 30 or however old you’d be.  I forget how many years in between.  Is it 6?  or 4?  Eh, no matter…it’s really very cool.  I remember some news story when I was little about a girl born on leap day and I thought it was so strange but so cool at the same time.

Some President’s birthdays.  Lincoln?  Washington?  What’s with the Aquarius and Pisces presidents?

Enjoy the month!  Make a valentine or two!


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