the milk dilemma

Tonight I made the tried and true Mac and Cheese!  To my dismay, after the mac had already been boiled and perfectly tender, I opened the fridge to pull out the milk…and there was none.  I should’ve known.  Here’s what I did:

mac and cheese

no milk...just extra extra butter

It was really rich.  Not as creamy and smooth as it normally is.  Extra fat too.  Sorry girls, less hormones, but more fat.  Crap.

We always run out of milk.  It’s one of those things that just always happens when you’ve got kids and a husband that can down a gallon in less than 2 days.  It should just be a constant addition to my day:

1. wake up

2. drop off kids

3. pick up milk

When I think we’re all stocked up, in comes a wave of cereal eating and all my contented thoughts go out the window.  I like to give my Lovelies organic milk too.  I don’t want them to grow boobs at 8 and have periods at 9.  I just don’t.  The longer they can go without hormones, the better.  So that’s a choice that I’ve forced on my husband, and he agrees, but sometimes it is much easier to stop at the Walgreens on the corner and pick up a cheap ol’ gallon.  Yes, it happens.  Yes, we try to stay consistent…but Yes, we even break our own rules.

That’s part of the fun of making rules, right?


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