smashing teeth

There is a brand new location for the school that I teach at…it’s still a tad under construction.  Well, more than a tad, but you know how construction goes.  It’s like that glade plug-in air freshener commercial where she gets the one that will last for 60 days when the dude says he’ll be done in 30 days…because she knows he won’t be done on time.

The silly husband says that took longer than I thought…and she gives him a look like, you stupid moron, don’t you know they milk it for more money?

So today some of my coworkers and I were helping reorganize the space…put things in classrooms and what not.  Being construction, there was a lot of things poking out of the floor and outlets and stuff…just stuff sticking out everywhere.  I kept envisioning myself trying to make some really funny joke and then tripping and falling face first and smashing my front teeth out.

Seriously.  I have this fear all the time, especially when stairs are involved…and when carrying items so that you can’t exactly see your footing.  I always get this silly butterfly feeling that I am about to trip and smash my face.

Luckily…my teeth are still in one piece.  Well, all except that one tooth….but that’s another story.


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