oh no, not another mom blog

Lately I feel like I can’t write anything funny…I can only say it.  It has to be in the moment.  And in voices.  I am a little obsessed with silly voices and accents.  I think it’s because I think my own voice is nasally and annoying and when I hear recordings of it, I think that it isn’t me.  It’s someone who looks and sounds like a bird or something.

I think thoughts that make me giggle, and I make witty jokes when I am with others.  And then I sit down and think about those silly things…and I can’t think of a way to explain it that makes it as funny as it actually was.  This is the challenge of writing, I suppose.  Making things magically transform into a story, in a way that flows and you feel like you’re there, looking in, and laughing at the same time as everyone else.  This, I struggle with lately.

I can tell you all about my stupid day-to-day life.  No one wants to hear about that, trust me.  Talking about how the whole family went down to the Home Depot after picking up Lovely #2 from school and picked out paints swatches because we just realized that we hate the wall color of our office.  Or I could tell you about how I didn’t want to get out of bed and make Lovely #1 a lunch before she left (because I’m lazy) and how I had to drop it at her school later in the morning.  Much more work than just getting up and making it.  Lazy mama.

Or I could tell you about how Lovely #2 likes to say dammit.  She gets it from me, I suppose.  She makes up for it by being way too darn cute.  Dammit, I sound like every other mom blog out there.  And this isn’t even a mom blog!  Fuck.


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