It’s Sunday.

The dog is gassy.  I am ready to face this day.  Working and then meeting  a coincidental friend for some appetizers and beverages.  Methinks something with Irish Creme…something warm but alcoholic, absolutely alcoholic.

She has something to discuss with me.  I have ideas to discuss with her.  I don’t want to read too far into what these next few weeks, months, years will bring…but I know it will be something awesome and fulfilling.  Ah, sweet fulfillment.  If I still want to look good years down the way, I’ll need to drink more water and drink less coffee.  I suppose…only if fulfillment is involved.

Collaboration, sweet collaboration…and a nod of the head that yes, this is a good idea to pursue. I am confident it is good, I just need to make sure that it is marketed well and promoted to its fullest and sponsored or something.  I need the people with the big bucks to chip in.  Seek them out, rub shoulders down, bake banana bread, and shovel their sidewalks.  Done deal.


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