booty on the beach

photo courtesy of Lovely #1 at age 4. such talent at such a young age

Gallery night in town…heading out to dinner and gallery hopping with a gal pal.  We’re also going to do some brainstorming mindshining about the future of art.  The future of our art and what we want it to be and how we want it to be more a part of our lives than it is now.

Very excited.  It should inspire a few new pieces.  I also worked on one last night.  It has to do with the bizz-nass I spoke of.  I can’t post any images of it…because then you would know my master plan and steal all my ideas…and then I’d have to hunt you down and infect your teeth with magic breaking potion so that you would have to visit the dentist every Monday for a month.  So, we can’t risk that, now can we?

It’s fun to put on some artsy outfits, eat some artsy food, and then think artsy thoughts.  Sometimes I don’t even like to look at the art, but like to look more at the people looking at the art.  I like to see if they’re looking at the art…or looking at the people!  It’s funny.  People go out to these things to people watch sometimes.  I suppose I am guilty.  I find that there are only a few really cool pieces of art that strike me enough to really look at them for longer than the average 4 seconds.

And I love art!  I really do.  I like making it sometimes more than looking at it….or talking about it more than looking at it….or writing about it more than looking.  See the theme here??  I love the concept.  I love the way it inspires people, even if they don’t really see the meaning behind it.  If they only see some colors splashed on a canvas or pencil on paper…or they only like things that are literal and not conceptual.  I like when people think art is weird.  I like when they think it’s stupid too.  I like when people read way too far into art and end up sounding silly.

Sometimes a picture of spaghetti-o’s is all that it is: a picture of spaghetti-o’s.

Not a social commentary on mediocre food processing plants that hustle corn and sugar and exploit their workers.  Please.


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