a little alone time

I am very much looking forward to this weekend.  The Lovelies and their papa will be out of town.  I will have the house all. to. myself.  Again, very much looking forward to this.  I can turn on all the lights I want in the morning.  I can put on music if I want and crank it up.  I can eat whatever I want to eat…without having to prepare anything with macaroni or cheese in the title.

I can be a grown up…but kind of like a college kid again.  I can leave the house as I please.  There will be no organizing of babysitters, no paying for babysitters, and no dropping off and picking up from school and babysitter’s.  How enjoyable!  People that don’t have kids really don’t know how good they have it day to day when it comes to the dropping off and picking up process.  It can be deadly.  Coming and going as you please is really an amazing thing.  Enjoy it while you can.

There is only a small window of opportunity to leave the house before we end up being dreadfully late for school and work.  I have it timed that if we leave at the perfect time, I arrive at work at the perfect time.  If this ends up being even 3 minutes later, it’s crucial!  Then, the pick up.  If you arrive to pick up your kids late, you pay extra…per minute.  It’s horribly stressful.

I am looking forward to strolling to my car when I leave work tomorrow…and maybe stopping at the store and browsing up and down the aisles for a few scrumptious delights for the weekend.  Of course, I will be working most of the weekend while they are away, it’s still really nice to only have myself to worry about.

I only have to get myself dressed and clean and fed and burped.  I only have to make one breakfast, one lunch, and hopefully someone else will make dinner…and serve it to me.  The joys of enjoying a dinner out with no kids!!!

Oh I am so pumped!!!!!!!!!!!!  It’s the small things, people.  Trust me, the small things.  This post was awful and boring for all of you, I’m sure.  Whatever.


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