I got my journal!!!!!

writing is fun...in a new journal

I love getting things in the mail, don’t you?  Even when you know they are on their way?  When you peek inside the mailbox and it’s jammed packed full of stuff and there’s that one killer piece that you’ve been waiting for!  Love it!

I am taking part in The Fiction Project.  It’s so cool.  You pay a little cash to participate in the fun…and they send you a lovely Moleskine journal to write and decorate and make your own.  There are different themes to choose, but since I like to live dangerously, I let them choose for me…and I didn’t know what my topic was until the journal arrived.  It is (your name here).

After you finish writing your piece, you send it back and it goes on tour with the other journals from others that are participating.  The tour travels around the country and anyone can check out your ‘book’ and flip through and fall in love with you.  Neat huh?  They track each person’s journal with a bar code and you can search online and see how many people have looked though your book.  The book then stays in a permanent collection in The Brooklyn Art Library.  My pal, Rita suggested that I do this.  I think you should all do it too!

I also love that the journals are Moleskine.  These are legendary, you know!  Picasso, Van Gogh, and Hemingway used these journals/sketchbooks.  I very much like the written word…when it’s written and not typed.  Again, there is something real and beautiful about making all those little scratches and hatch marks that form symbols and words.  Amazing to think about how we know how to read and understand these symbols.


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