what if…

I just want my every day to be filled with silliness and laughter.  I am tired of polished and professional…it’s old.  It’s been done.  What about having the most fun at work that your cheeks and belly hurt from laughter?  What about getting paid for it?  What about it not being like work?

I am all for that.  I need to create this place.  You can all come work for me.  We will create abundance of laughter and ridiculousness.  It will be glorious.  I can see it now.  I want it.  I need it.  You need it too…and the world of work needs it.  Ugh, I’m so tired of having discretion…when clearly there are jokes to be made, people!

If everyone worked in such capacity, imagine all the great things we would accomplish?  Isn’t laughter the best?  Just like gut busting hilarity?  Giggles that linger.  I love that.  When you think of something that happened or something that was said or an accent…and you just giggle uncontrollably.  It’s the best.

I am addicted to it.  Laughter…and Anger.  It’s creepy how different I can be.  Even from work to home….I just need to be laughing all the time.  It’s all I need.  Really, everything would be ok if I could just make a joke about how silly and funny everything is!  Are you with me?  Let’s start this today.  Laughter that has no boundaries.


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