Invisibility…it rears its ugly head in many forms.  When I think of being invisible, I feel I am still quite visible, but looked over.  Just a small piece.  Insignificant.

And yet, these things that are seemingly invisible, insignificant, are typically the most significant.  A feeling, a look, a wave goodbye, a thought, a scribble in a journal that no one will see, a person that makes us uncomfortable that we pretend not to see.  The most profound parts of our everyday lives are also the most mundane.  We take for granted every piece of it.  I know I do from time to time.

Can’t we be the change?  Can we ever make all things invisible really visible?  Sometimes I enjoy mundane invisibility…sometimes it is nice to be noticed and acknowledged.  No one notices me at the Walgreens on the corner carting the kids and struggling.  No one notices the cashier who is trying her best to stay upbeat and peppy even though she is dying inside.  No one notices the man waiting for his prescription.  No one notices the couple looking at magazines together.  No one notices the teenage girl pacing back and forth in the pregnancy test aisle.

We have such tunnel vision.  Visions of self.  We see only what we want to be visible to us.  We create invisibility for the rest.  It doesn’t exist.


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