what I want to do today

I'm stuck

Nevermind what I have to do today…here’s what I really want to do.  Maybe one of them will come true?

I want to take a nap.

I want to not go to the dentist.

I want to laugh with some friends.

I want to walk into an already spic and span house.

I want to eat delicious authentic tacos and drink margaritas outside on a patio in the sunshine.

I want to shop for furniture and actually find something that I like.

I want to snuggle with the little Lovelies and have them lay still instead of squirm.

I want infinite time to make some artwork and listen to awesome tunes.

I want a shoulder rub.

I want to not watch Howard the Duck. (by the way, I asked Lovely #2 why she likes this so much and she said Because I like it.  The monster’s gross.)

This doesn’t sound like anything out of the ordinary at all!  Maybe the tacos and margaritas on a sunshine-filled patio are too much to ask…being that it’s already snowed about 2-3 inches.

What to you want to do today?


2 thoughts on “what I want to do today

  1. oh i am so with you on all of these kate! i did go grocery shopping this morning and i bought all of my taco supplies, because i too am craving them. This snow just puts you in the stay in and be cozy mood.

    i will add to your list:

    i want to not have to go to work tomorrow.
    i want to have my nails done by someone here at home so i don’t have to do them and i don’t have to go anywhere.
    i want some fabulous good news of some sort.

  2. Ooooooh tacos and margaritas on a patio in the sunshine sound good this side of the pond too! Although I would settle for just the sunshine at the minute. This has been the longest winter I can remember.
    Bring on the sun!!

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