another post-dental post

My face is tingly numb.  I can’t feel the tip of my nose either…and it’s really really cold.  I have a scarf wrapped around my face because I feel ridiculous even in my own home.  My head is beginning to pound from the residual vibrations from the drilling inches from my brain.  I am dying of thirst.  I am afraid to drink anything because it will spill all over me.  Even to use a straw, I am hesitant.

Here’s the worst part about the dentist trip today.  There were things in my mouth that I cannot describe…metal, sterilized, pokey, awful tasting, clamps.  The worst part is they always ask you how you’re doing while this menagerie of dental equipment is millimeters from slicing your tongue or piercing through your palette.  How do you respond?  I just opened my eyes and gave him a teeny tiny nod of  please, keep going so you can get this shit off of me and I can get the fuck out of here with my numb face!

It’s just like when waitresses come and ask how everything is tasting when you’ve got a mouthful of a juicy cheeseburger.  Mhhmmm.  And the thumbs up. 

Stupid assistant.  She keeps calling me hun.  How you doing hun? Hello, didn’t you just see me nod in finish your job fast approval.  I am not a honey, dear, sweetie, kiddo, or anything of the sort.  That drives me crazy.  Mostly because I would never call someone that…especially when they are close in age to me.  And please use the suction a little more, I am choking on all this water you keep squirting in there.  Thank you.

When I got home, the dog sniffed my it was someone else’s mouth.  Funny.


2 thoughts on “another post-dental post

  1. Ugh. I’m going to the dentist tomorrow to finish up an incomplete… oh, crap, what’s the word? The thing that’s not a filling… it’s, um… the THING, that everyone hates. Oh my gosh, my brain has gone eraser-happy. You know, the thing with the anesthesia and the pain and the dead nerves. Argh. WHATSITCALLED!?

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