red eye

I have a student.  He has an eye infection.  Just one eye.  His left eye is perfectly clear.  His right eye is bloodshot and irritated.  It makes me feel funny when I look at it because it looks like it hurts really terribly.

This particular student is fun, light-hearted, easy to joke with.  He takes our unending teasing about eye patches and what not lightly.  We keep telling him he should wear an eye patch and bedazzle it to make it fancy….and cool.  It can be cool and stylish to wear an eye patch, right?  He is the type of person that loves some sparkles, if you catch my drift.  His idols are Barbra Streisand and Christina Aguilera.  You get my drift.

So we’ve started calling him red eye.  Pretty easy.  There are also many references to pirates and parrots and the like.

He was drinking a berry smoothie the other day and my comrade instructor told him it looks delicious, it matches your eye! I just busted.  It was so funny.  Poor guy.

We wonder if we should stop teasing him…if it will begin to lower his self-esteem.  We’re far too worried about our own amusement, however.  This whole thing sounded much funnier to share.


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