Howard the Duck

One of Lovely #2’s favorite movies is the cult classic, Howard the Duck.  I hope that you’ve seen it…

The basic premise is about Howard (the duck) who is zapped from his parallel universe and duck planet to Earth by some strange scientists.  Howard meets Lea Thompson’s character in some warehouse…they are both hiding from the rain after she plays a show with her band.  They become friends.  She digs through is wallet when he is sleeping and finds a duck library card, duck driver’s license, duck credit cards, even a duck condom.  Seriously.  The first two times, the movie has its charm.  It’s campy and makes you laugh one of those sarcastic oh my god laughs.

My husband bought this movie.  He bought it for Lovely #1 thinking she would think it’s funny and silly.  He also bought a number of oldies but goodies for them.  A tribute to all the movies that he really loved as a kid.  Screw Dora the Explorer!!!  I want them to be hooked on The Explorers with the little River Phoenix.  I want them to want to watch Ernest Saves Christmas every holiday time!  I want them to do the weasel just like Crull (Pauley Shore) from Encino Man!

But Howard…Howard was not supposed to be played on repeat for a year.  Lovely #2 is close to 3 years old now.  She has been obsessed with this movie when she could only mumble: bidda bidda bidda howard di duck, which stands for I would like to watch Howard the Duck NOW.  Now she pouts and cries if we try to put on something else.  This is no good.

How do you break a child from loving strange movies?  And Lovely #1 is obsessed with Sonic the Hedgehog!  What is going on here.  They are both turning into little geeks and movie/videogame junkies.  Although, when they are older it will be much fun to embarrass them over these very topics that I speak of now.

I’m going to go catch the end of the movie, where the principal from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off turns into an evil Overlord and threatens mankind as we know it!  Howard to save the day!


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