I really don’t want to be Aquarius…

stupid new horoscope crap...

Have you heard this spiel about  there being some new astrological sign?  My husband came home yesterday and said that we weren’t Pisces anymore…we are now Aquarius, that they added in a new one at the end of the year.

Added a new one?  How can they just decide there’s a new one?  Hmmm, Bob, what should we call this new one?  Assholius?

Being a person that enjoys a good laugh and pick me up from my horoscope…I feel I now have nowhere to turn for useless life advice.  I mean, I could call my mom, but she doesn’t condense it into a small, easily readable paragraph.  I feel a little betrayed.  Only a little.  I really do not plan my day by the stars, but if something is unbelievably coincidental, I can’t deny….it was written in the universe to happen.  ha!

I brought this up to my class today, and of course there’s someone who is totally into astrology and knows all the names and dates and qualities and what not.  Who has that much free time?  She mentioned that many many many years ago there already was a 13th zodiac sign, but the silly Babylonians dismissed it because it would be easier for there to be 12.  12 months, 12 signs…makes sense to me.  But what if we treated everything this way?  Why didn’t the inventor of the calendar just make every month 30 days?  Or better yet- 28, like February.  That way there are only 4 weeks and the 1st and 13th and 25th always fall on the same day of the week.  Easy!

The name of the new sign is Ophiuchus.  The constellation that ties in with this new 13th sign is called the Snake Annoyer.  I mean, this is just too good to be true.  I think I can annoy snakes…just poke them with a stick, right?

I do enjoy reading about this banter back and forth between astronomers and astrologers…both claim to know infinite things about the constellations, the rotation of the earth, the earth’s axis tilt…etc, etc, etc.  It’s funny.  Who would you believe?  I lean to the astronomers for science, of course.  But as far as entertainment factor, it’s the astrologers all the way. 

I’m supposed to believe my sign is a fish?  I don’t even swim well!

I guess I will just have to read both horoscopes and choose which one I like the best.


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