french twist

detail from 'french twist'

I am in need of black India Ink.  I cannot go and get any…Lovely #2 is ill.  Poor little thing.  I feel for those little bodies when they’re ravaged by sickness.  She still tries to be spunky even after vomiting.  She’s proud of making it in the toilet.  Mama, I puke in the toilet.

Good job, honey.

The french twist piece was inspired by hairs.  I really like science and anatomical drawings of things.  I like technical names for areas of the body.  Sebaceous glands, follicles, hair root and what not.  It’s all so fascinating…  Art and Science combined together.

This piece really needs black.  It needs another color to offset the brown.  There’s a slight gray wash, but that’s about all.  I like how the croissant turned out.  Looks delicious.

I really have to thank Rita for encouraging me to hunker down and create something, anything…just so long as you do it.  It’s been hard for me, especially with the distraction of the Lovelies and Polly and work and what not.  It is very important though.

detail from french twist...really love the chevron mustacheMy list of potential ideas and projects that I want to make is growing.  It makes me feel good..even if I am still enraged some of the time.  I am working on that.  I like that my artwork is cluttered…it makes sense.  I feel like it is perfectly organized.  My house and life, however, I like to exist as minimalist as possible.  Shout out to new blog bud, Magnificent Minimalist, for nailing my rage against stuff in a humorous way.  Sometimes I take myself far too seriously.  This is why I draw little mustaches and hair follicles.  It’s all about the balance.

Look!  I learned how to insert links!  I am beaming with pride over here….


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