evil dr. floss…

evil dr. floss

This is a snapshot of the mindshine I made the other day after the dentist, when my mouth was still numb from the anesthetic shot into my gums.  At the time, I felt like it was complete, but looking at a smaller image of it now, I feel like it needs a little more work.  The time to work on it has passed though…it must be in the moment.  I like it.  I like the tooth with the bullseye/lollipop.  It’s in the bottom right.

detail...evil dr. floss

Did you know that barbers used to pull teeth and perform minor surgery?  It’s true.  That’s why there’s a barber pole.  It’s in dentistry roots…and hairdressing roots.

I know that hair school teaches about the history of their industry and how barbers were called barber-surgeons…I kind of doubt that they teach that in dentist school.

Don’t you think it might tarnish the prestige of the dental academy?  I bet they keep that part out.  Uh, no, dentists were on the earth when the earth was created.  We were not merged with any profession, especially Barbering.  I mean, we could post barber poles outside of dentist offices.  We won’t, of course.  Getting your hair cut is an enjoyable experience…the dentist is not.  Poor dentists.  I bet when they had to choose whether they were going to continue cutting hair or pulling teeth, it was a hard decision (sarcasm).  I bet everyone chose hair.  I mean, all you have to do is sweep after…and not even that, if you cut hair outside.

Pulling teeth is like, well, pulling teeth.  There’s blood and ooze and the person getting their teeth pulled doesn’t really like you that much.  Sick.  The mouth is an awful place.  Fascinating, but awful and hideous.  Who would want to stick their hands in there?  My apologies for all you dentists out there…and all you barbers too.  You’ve descended from dentistry.


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