bacon bacon bacon bacon



I really like bacon.  We’re having breakfast for dinner here…bacon and pancakes.  Is there anything better?  I love salad too…but there is just something about bacon- real, greasy, hardcore bacon.  The way it stinks up your house when you cook it…memories of bacon for days!

BLT’s…BL’s…BBB’s.  You can use this savory meat in so many different ways.  I once made muffins with bacon in them after eating at this super fancy organic restaurant.  There was a mixture of muffins, but the most interesting and delicious was the blueberry bacon.  It’s like the savory sweet combination.  Like how some people love to drench their sausage links in maple syrup.  Same diff (remember when that used to be so cool to say?  same diff!)

I know bacon’s popularity is pretty obscene right now.  You can’t go anywhere without being asked you want bacon on that?  It’s in chocolate, it’s on top of all kinds of sandwiches, breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert.  Bring on the bacon.

I also love cooking it.  I have this great big griddle…and I love laying out the bacon and hearing it sizzle.  Seeing the little oil bubbles.  Feeling the hot grease jump up onto your arms and hands as you lay down the rest of the slices. I love it.  Organized so perfectly.  Everyone should have a big griddle for cooking bacon.  No baking it, no microwave, circle pans confuse the strips all up…big beautiful rectangle griddle.  So fun.



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