zee plan! zee plan!

We have a plan.  It is not just unstructured ideas anymore (well, some of them are).  It is happening.  It is coming to fruition.  There will be an art show.  It will be in April.  It may not pan out exactly as we envision it, but it will happen.  One way or another.

It was great fun making art today.  I made a mind map (now referred to as a mindshine instead of brainstorm) about my visit to the dentist this morning with India Ink.  The dentist was decent…not going to get into the nitty-gritty details.  But the assistant kept calling me hon.  I am not a hon…I am Kate.  I also have eyes.  Please feel free to make contact with them.  Thank you, that is all.

I feel like I have a plan of action and some ideas to put into place.  I feel like I have a goal.  I also have someone to keep nudging me.  It really takes that due date mentality sometimes.  For me, at least.  I love that last minute burst of adrenaline.  Like, I’ve got to get this done or I will be a failure…and it has to be perfect, so I will stay up into the wee hours until I am pleased with my masterpiece.  I love that.  I love being exhausted after creating pieces.  I kinda love deadlines.

Zee plan…is to get together with Rita (hi Rita!!) every two weeks or so and check on each other’s progress and give each other feedback.  It is very hard to work on pieces and feel like you are making headway without having anyone take a peek at it.  I seem to be one that needs ackowledgment…that I am on the right track.  Not necessarily if it’s good or not, but that it’s forward progress.

Our theme, we decided, is Beauty is…

It ties in with a lot of themes she and I both work with.  It is a very broad theme…and therefore, totally open to interpretation.  I am still reevaluating my themes.  The themes that I used to work with a lot and the themes that I want to move towards more.  Creatures of change, I tell you.  I did snap a picture of the dentist map…it turned out ok.  I’ll do my best to be a better picture-attacher.  Really, I will.   


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