New class.  New class starts today!!

This is probably one of the most exciting parts of my job.  I get to meet the brand new, fresh faced, uninhibited, impressionable, inspired, up and coming talent!  They start every 3 months.  I get to meet them the first day.  I get to find out where they’ve been and why they chose to learn with us.  I get to see the beautiful awkwardness that is the first day.  I get to entertain them and they get to entertain me.  I must be at my highest and best self these days.

Think back to your first day of school…anywhere.  College, High School, Kindergarten, any class…it is so exciting!  It is also quite nerve-wracking, right?  Typically, you don’t even know where the bathrooms are and where to go and how to get there.  It’s a lot.  What to wear?  How’s my hair?  Will these new shoes hurt my feet and do they look too new?  Do I have something to eat and do I know where there is an ATM just in case I really need some cash so I can get a drink after school with my new friends the first day?????

They’ll all have their backpacks perfectly packed with new notebooks and pens and journals.  They’ll ask all the right questions.  They’ll skirt away from making eye contact with each other at first.  They’ll obsess over everyone’s age.

It gives me butterflies just thinking about it.  Teachers get nervous too.  Not in the same way, but I get nervous too.  Will they think I’m smart?  Will they laugh at my dumb jokes?  Will they respect me?  How’s my hair?  Do I have all my handouts made?  What are all their names…I hope they don’t all look the same.  I hope they aren’t too awkward and don’t obsess over each other’s age.  I hope they don’t ask me my age.  Guh!

Exciting.  Fresh.  Not like fresh meat.  Fresh…like a good fresh.  So exciting.


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