Noodle Explosion

Last night Lovely #1 requested Cheeseburger Macaroni for dinner.  Lovely #2 was already passed out, Knight in Shining Armor was out obsessing over football playoffs, I wasn’t even hungry.  So, sure kid, no problem.

She wanted to help me cook.  Sure.  We browned the meat and were ready to add all the other ingredients.  I poured the milk and water and she wanted to take over the powdered cheese sauce mix and the noodles.  Sure.

She carried over a chair, nearly toppling over.  She placed it close enough to the stove but far enough away from the heat.  She climbed up so she could sit on the counter and open the box with her contents inside.  The noodles came in a little cellophane bag and the cheese mix did as well.  She grabbed the noodle bag.  You sure you can open that? I asked her.  She responded, yeah I got it.

Those little plastic bags can pose a challenge sometimes.  They don’t tear, the glue doesn’t give, they don’t pop open like you want them to.  I made sure she didn’t need help and stirred our cheeseburger goodness.  She struggled with it for a while, then she attempted to open it like a bag of chips. She grabbed the sides of the seams and because she had already had a challenge, she used all her might to pull the plastic apart.

The bag tore wide open and dry noodles went flying everywhere in the kitchen!

The dog freaked and booked out of the room.  She tried to run fast but her paws kept slipping on the wood floor as if she were on ice or roller skates.  Lovely and I looked at each other, and then at the dog scurrying about, and then back at each other, and bust out laughing.

There’s noodles everywhere!  There’s noodles in the butter!  There’s noodles in the sink, on the floor, all over the stove, inside my scarf, everywhere.  It was hilarious!

I think both the dog and my daughter thought I was going to be mad.  I just didn’t want her cheeseburger macaroni to be without the macaroni!  So we rummaged through what other types of noodles we had in the cupboard and made due.  Then we swept up the noods.  Noods!!  Funny stuff.  These things do actually happen in real life, I am please to announce.


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