Oh, blog…how I’ve missed you

Blog!  Maybe I should refer to you by your formal name: Weblog!  It’s not been that long since I wrote, but I was missing this silly little blog.  I really wish they’d never shortened weblog to blog.  Doesn’t web-log sound so much nicer?  Like a log of events, thoughts, pictures?  Blog sounds so childish and blobby.  Like Play-Doh or fingerpaints.  Although I must admit I love me some play-doh and fingerpaints.

I just booked a flight to Aspen, Colorado.  I am stoked.  My very good friend moved there for a few months and I am going to visit her.  She’s the kind of friend that can read your mind…even from hundreds of miles away.  She knows me well.  Probably too well…she doesn’t even need to read this weblog to know what’s going on in my brain.  Freaky.  I am in dire need of a little vacation…mama only.

I love these kids and I love my husband…and the dog.  But I need to get the fuck away from them for a few days.  I need to miss them.  I need to be fulfilled on a more personal level.  Washing underwear and vacuuming is fulfilling, don’t get me wrong.  But I need friend fulfillment.  I need uncontrollable laughter and deep analysis of life and relationships and hair.  I need uninterrupted dinners and wine and only having to carry my own purse…and not a huge bag containing a potty seat, toys, snacks, extra clothes, band aids, butt cream, and immunization chart (just in case).  I love not having to buckle car seats and search for missing mittens.  I love not having to watch Despicable Me or Toy Story over and over and over again.

Ah, grown up time.  I do get plenty of time by myself.  I work full-time, and that time is spent with adults…that sometimes act like children.  So it’s really no different.  I have to corral them all together and they ask me unending questions.  It’s just time to get away!  Yes!!!

Thanks, mom, for helping me get there.  She chipped into my mama vacation fund.

I make money.  I just don’t have enough extra budgeted away for vacation.  Oh, how jealous am I of the couples and families that have savings strictly devoted to vacations.  I never had that growing up.  I don’t know what that is.  I mean, you save money from each paycheck and you only use it for fun and relaxation?? This is unheard of.  I use every penny of every paycheck…and then have to wait two weeks for more pennies.  Save?  Money?  This doesn’t seem feasible for someone with student loan payments and daycare.

Shit, being able to pay everything is kind of like a vacation.  Take that, Cancun!!


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