I realize this conglomeration of my brain’s thoughts would be much more entertaining if I had some pictures.  Much easier on the eyes too.  So…I’m working on it.  My digital camera is so-so.  Or as you would say in spanish, asi-asi.  Why that is one of the things I will never forget in Spanish, I don’t know.  Also the pencil sharpener…sacapuntas.  Never, will never forget.

Anywho, I promise I’ll try.  At least to find a shitty picture of something that relates from the world wide web and attach it.  I can do that.  Attaching links…that’s another story.

a holiday card I made for a says 'here comes fatty with his sack of shit.

Look!  I deeed it!!!  I know, I know.  Not hard.  You just push the little button that says insert image.  I mean, a moron could do this.  Or a 5 year old.

Speaking of, I have to go…my 5 year old needs to use the computer to look something up.  Seriously, if I have to sit though pages and pages of Sonic the Hedgehog merchandise with her, I might just climb in that sack of shit.


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