don’t you bail out now, girls!

It seems whenever I have a fun event planned, that I am looking forward to…there are things that seem to strategically fall into place to make me not want to attend said event.  Tonight, for instance, some girl friends and I are going to a concert.  It will be hands down, a blast.   There are only few times when everyone’s schedules actually coordinate together and allow such fun events to happen…so even if we didn’t go to the concert, we would have to at least get together.

Two days ago I felt a cold creepin’ in…and it’s crept…and I am not quite as drippy as I was yesterday, but am now clogged to the max.  I feel like my head is an overpacked suitcase, and the zipper’s about to bust any minute.  Someone will have to sit on my head to fit one more sock in.  I am not going to let this little pesky cold get in the way of my fun though.  I can’t wait to stand next to the speaker.  I’ll still be feeling the beat tomorrow.

Babysitters.  Babysitting is something I loathe.  I despise paying people to watch my children because I think they are amazing people, and that it should be a pleasure to be in their presence.  Um, to be honest…we probably don’t pay our sitters enough.  People that watch kids should be paid  more than doctors, I think.  It is hard.  It takes the most patience and even keel ever.  It’s tough, day in and day out.  So, extra time with them??  So that I can go have fun??  Tough call.  Plus it’s a Friday night.  Most of the time I have to hang my head and tell my friends I can’t go, with a gentle sob.  Childcare for the evening has been arranged!

Weather!  Why why why does it always snow on the weekends?  It hasn’t snowed all week…and now, it starts in with the precipitation.  It’s amazing how much it can snow in half an hour when it’s really coming down.  So, it’s really coming down right now.  I, for one, don’t mind driving in the snow, and I live closer to where we need to go.  But to drive a long way on the highway when it’s snowing can be awful…so we usually lose one or two because of drive time.  Of course we need to get home safely too.

Some tragic event always falls in there too…either the day before or the day of.  I had this awesome night with a friend planned, and then her ex had to go and get in an accident that day.  Man, the timing, I tell ya.

Regardless of these things, we are still making it out!  Seriously, someone always bails…


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