er, afternoon break.

There’s strange things that happen after too much caffeine and little sleep…and a pesky cold creepin’ in.  These things happen between 2 and 3 in the afternoon, when no thought can be comprehended and no words come out quite right.

The imagination flourishes with clever concoctions.

Copy machines act up, chairs start spinning, giggles come from nowhere, and no work gets done.  There are days when many things get accomplished because of this lack of sleep and overcaffeination.  Part of the day today went well, and the remainder…I tried…and failed…and giggled some more about ghosts writing on walls and things being smashed to pieces.

Incomplete thoughts…strange patterns in behavior.  Contemplating a total body cleanse?  Insanity.  Fuzzy vision.  Chapped lips.  Flashes of hot and cold…more giggles.  Wu Tang Clan…absolutely.


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