I am freezing.  I think a snuggie would come in handy right about now.  I could sit comfortably in a chair yet have my hands free to type on the keyboard and drink wine from a mug.  I saw these things on the home shopping channel like 2 years ago.  At the time, we were in the process of switching over to a converter box and regular television from expensive rip-off and waste of time digital tv.  In the interim, we only had this shopping channel that would come in clearly.  It was really quite entertaining and made great background noise.  It’s impressive how convincing the salespeople can be.

The man who was selling the snuggies had invented them…and it wasn’t called a snuggie, it was called a slanket.

Get it, sleeves, blanket…oh, it’s just priceless.  I would much rather own a slanket than a snuggie.  The snuggie sounds like something that a dog should wear.  Oh, wait, they make those for dogs too, don’t they?  Ah-hahaha.

Here I am, a smart woman working my ass off to be successful…and here comes some snuggie!  And people buy these things!  That is the shocking part.  People actually pay real money…not fake Monopoly money.  They pay real money to own a snuggie.  I did once chip in for a dog snuggie gift.  It was hilarious.

Here’s how to make a home made snuggie:  take a robe, put in on backwards, discard the belt.  Done!


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