mug love

I really like to drink out of mugs.  I would drink everything out of a mug.  The Lovelies like to call all the things I drink coffee…because of the mug and all.  That’s what people drink out of mugs; scalding hot beverages.

Mugs always make me feel like I’m getting started on something.  Like a project, or the day, or a book.  I feel like I’ll have some divine moment of clarity.  Little do the Lovelies know, mama’s drink of choice is not always coffee.  I really like beer in mugs…not that strange, right?  I am fond of wine…in a mug.  Cheap wine too.  Screw the wine glasses!  Why use something so fancy?  Why not just grab a good ‘ol mug and glug glug glug?

Maybe I’ll start drinking coffee out of wine glasses.  Why can’t there be fanciness in the morning?  Imagine walking into work carrying your wine glass or champagne flute full of coffee.

Why, what’s the occasion, Kate?

Whatcha drinkin there Kate?

Little early, ey Kate!!

People notice these little fancy things.  They notice if you wear something sparkly…or sparklier than normal.  If you seem a little more dressed up than normal they wonder what the big occasion is.  Well, I didn’t feel like dressing like a slob today, thank you for noticing.

If I was drinking a mug of something in the evening…they’d say something like isn’t it a little late for coffee? or coffee always keeps me up when I drink it this late.  Duh, it’s not coffee.  It’s Kool Aid…or it’s apple juice…or it’s chocolate milk with Bailey’s in it.  Duh.

Lovely #1 is getting older…and wiser.  The other day she looked in my mug, and then looked at me…and with a totally straight face said:

mama, and I know that is wine in your mug.

Yes.  Yes it is.


2 thoughts on “mug love

  1. you are so right! i never realized how “cozy” a mug can make you feel. never did wine in a mug but definitely juice. next time i come over i want my wine in a mug. should i bring my own?

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