What if you had to give up one of your senses?  Maybe by choice, maybe a freak accident…what if you had to live without one or two?  Which one would you be able to live without?  What would you absolutely never ever give up?

It’s a tough choice.  All of our experiences are a combination of sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and feelings.  Which one to nix?  Think of your favorite food…would you be ok without tasting it?  You would still be able to smell it and see the steam rising from it and feel its texture in your mouth.  What about the smell of your favorite flowers or your kids’ hair or bread baking on the oven?

What about touch?  What if you couldn’t feel anything?  What if your nerves just didn’t work?  You would be able to see yourself touching things, and hear and smell.  Think of all the things we touch in a day.  I’m touching the keyboard right now…I’d have to type by looking at the keyboard like my Typing teacher warned us against.  She didn’t really feel the keyboard when she typed…she used her freakishly long, red, fake fingernails.  Sick.  She also had a fake hip.  What a strange memory.

Of course people function without sight and hearing all the time and we admire their living.  They are so grateful for the senses they do have and they use them to their fullest potential.  I wonder if I use my senses to their fullest potential…I’m pretty sure I don’t.  That would make a good experiment.

I imagine all the awesome things about life…and they’re small.  They are all very sense related.  Like the small tearing sound when you peel an orange and the burst of citrus aroma you get.  The smoothness of the Lovelies little cheeks.  How can skin be so soft?  The beat to an awesome song…one that gets you going every single time you hear it and you feel the bass rattling your bones.  How lucky are we?

What would you give up?  I’d let them take a leg, maybe.  That’s all.  I’ll keep my senses, take a leg…or maybe one eye so I can wear really cool glass eyes or sparkly eye patches.


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