don’t you want to read the dumb shit I write?

I keep telling my husband to read this blog.  This one…the one that you are reading now.  I keep telling him about it and he knows that I love to write on it.  He makes jokes about, oh, go write a blog about it and why don’t you consult your blog.

Uh, yeah, duh…mister.  You would learn a whole lot more about me if you read this.  You would know the insane things that happen inside my brain.  You would realize why I can’t make up my mind about the future…let alone dinner.  It’s no secret!  It’s out here for the world to read…not that they do, or want to.  But you could!  Mister!!!

He likes when I’m funny.  He likes when I say kind of mean things about things.  I say, I wrote a silly post about almost getting hit by a car.  He says, tell me about it.  I say, no, that isn’t the point.  The point is…you read what I wrote.

This is as good as reading my stupid pink diary!  There’s some good insight here, bud.  It takes two seconds.  Rita reads it.  She likes it.  Please take one minute out of your busy day to read the stupid shit that I like to write…and you will understand why I sit here and write and write and write after the Lovelies are sleeping instead of entertaining you.

Sanity!!!  Writing about how I am not quite normal makes me feel a little more normal.  Please, read.


2 thoughts on “don’t you want to read the dumb shit I write?

  1. you make me laugh every time! i signed my husband to my blog feed so he automatically gets it every time i write one, which some times isn’t that fun. then come all of the questions and critique from him. guys don’t get it. i look forward to your blog each and every time. sometimes i don’t comment because i don’t want to be your stalker and creep you out. can you believe you wrote 37 blog posts in december! amazing! you rock! i have to catch up! i just don’t know if anyone is reading though….

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